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Beyond the Horizon by Li Shang Yin (813 – 858)

  There is a spring day beyond the horizon There is a sunset at the end of the sky If there be tears when the orioles cry Let them wet those flowers on high   Translated by Mary Tang 鄧許文蘭

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Coming Upon Mount Wu Yi by Li Shang Yin (c.813-858)

    My dream of it is still fresh as I reach the great mountain A myriad of peaks surge upwards like rough-hewn jade All night on Man Ting Peak the wind was blowing rain As if to purge the … Continue reading

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Untitled by Li Shang Yin 無題 (相見時難別亦難)

This is my English translation of a Chinese poem written by the Tang Dynasty poet Li Shang Yin 李商隱.  The recording is my reading of the Chinese text in Cantonese. Too hard to meet now but as hard to part … Continue reading

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