Gifts of the Rain

This morning I found the garden hung heavy with overnight rain.  The branches barred the way everywhere I went.


The passage was closed by the rain laden branches:


The passage is about 1.5metres (5 feet) wide


The back passage is also engulfed


This orchid sent out an astonishingly large frond.


I hadn’t noticed a new spike on the orchid until the string of light attracted my attention


…and the first bloom on the Camellia ‘Perfection’

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Foreign Language by Mary Tang


There is no word to pronounce

what you can’t perceive

There is no word in your tongue

to say what I want to reveal

(blank) is a blank to you and me

(blank) is less than an inch

(blank) means more than destiny

(blank) is the edge of the sea

(blank) means we part too soon

(blank) is not just fate

(blank) says it is not to be

(blank) means we met too late

(blank) biles bitter

(blank) bares my heart

That inch that divides us

is the void that keeps us apart

(c)  Mary Tang 鄧許文蘭



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Beyond the Horizon by Li Shang Yin (813 – 858)


There is a spring day beyond the horizon

There is a sunset at the end of the sky

If there be tears when the orioles cry

Let them wet those flowers on high


Translated by Mary Tang 鄧許文蘭

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