Persevering with Pottery


There is something about fingering a ball of clay that is mesmerising.  I have been doing so, on and off since the 80s and though I never produced any masterpiece I never tire of mangling lumps of clay into something resembling something.

Now that I have one deformed hand with fingers that insist on hitting the wrong key as I write, the forms I can wrangle are getting more abstract.  I don’t mind it as they are what they are as I am what I am.


A very off-centred wheel thrown bowl on a roughly formed slab platter


Two sets of ink dishes and brush rests for my friends Amy and Fred in Vancouver


A set of ink dish and brush rest for my best student and now good friend, Ang.


An orchid pot with a Dendrobium for my friend Jan


Various orchid mounts are still hanging around.

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