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Har Mee 蝦麵 Prawn Noodle

Only on Tuesdays, Fridays or Saturdays, Har Mee is the Daily Special at a Malay Chinese eatery on Hunter Street, Sydney.  If I am in town on one of those days, I would share a table with strangers and savour … Continue reading

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Rice Porridge and Salted Ducks Eggs

When my old friend Lucy visited me from Vancouver via Hong Kong recently, we ate out a lot and while we ate, we talked about food. We share a love of zhu 粥,a rice porridge made by simmering grains of rice … Continue reading

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Jan the Champion Jam Maker

My friend Jan won a first prize for her Davidson Plum jam at the Show this year so for her birthday I gave her a jam making pot with a swinging handle and a pouring lip. She and Ross called … Continue reading

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