Pressing the Wrong Buttons

My right hand is deformed due to a tumour pressing on a nerve so when I touch type I often hit the wrong button.  The delete button is getting worn but it does not right all wrongs.

Lately I have been deleting comments from readers as I was typing my replies.  (That’s what happened to your comment, Derrick).  What did I do to cause it?

Does anybody know how to retrieve deleted comments?  I try to be philosophical about this disability but I would not like my readers (few that they are) to think that I hated what they said.

Anyway, I am writing this as an apology and explanation but it will happen again.

About Mary Tang

An urban orchardist everyday, a volunteer regularly, a poet sometimes and a blogger since March 2015. I travel when I can. Food is a constant.
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16 Responses to Pressing the Wrong Buttons

  1. gaiainaction says:

    Great that you found the lost comment Mary, I would not even know where to look for the trash!

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  2. aruna3 says:

    Yeah,you are saying absolutely true about human’s nature.

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  3. What a nuisance, Mary. Have you tried looking in the trash?

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  4. taphian says:

    Dear Mary, it’s not so important, the most important is that you feel good. All the best, kind regards Mitza

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  5. robert okaji says:

    Needless to say, I’ve done the same thing. 😬

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  6. robert okaji says:

    Go into your dashboard, click on comments. There’s a header for “trash.” Click on that, and you’ll be able to see your deleted comments. Then you’ll have to click on “untrash” or something like that, to return them to the post.

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