A Landscape by Tang Bo Hu (translation)山水圖。唐伯虎

Tang Bo Hu (Tang Yin) was a famous Ming Dynasty artist, scholar and poet.



A Landscape by Tang Bo Hu (1470 – 1524)

The hillside is washed with a light mist

A clear breeze is perching on the trees

Meditating to the sound of the streams

A man stands facing the span of a bridge

(c) Mary Tang 鄧許文蘭 2017



About Mary Tang

An urban orchardist everyday, a volunteer regularly, a poet sometimes and a blogger since March 2015. I travel when I can. Food is a constant.
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9 Responses to A Landscape by Tang Bo Hu (translation)山水圖。唐伯虎

  1. So simple and so descriptive

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  2. Harry Miller says:

    I like the breeze perching in the trees.

    Do you think the last line is suggesting that the bridge leads to enlightenment?

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    • Mary Tang says:

      I imagine that the mention of the bridge must have some significance; maybe he was contemplating a crossing but whether it was towards enlightenment? I am not sure.

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      • Harry Miller says:

        My understanding of Chinese landscape painting (in which Tang Yin was very talented) is that sometimes the artist would include a bridge as an invitation for the viewer to enter the world of the painting.

        Your translation helped me appreciate the original. I’m glad you included both.

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        • Mary Tang says:

          The word ‘bridge’ in Chinese has many connotations just as it has in English. I am bilingual so I translate the way the poem in Chinese makes me feel. My friend who is a qualified translator thinks I am ‘not serious’ and my translations ‘casual’. So they are. I like thinking in two languages so I do and now I have it in writing – shoot me, but no refund.

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  3. This is wonderful.

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  4. zdunno03 says:

    Reblogged this on Leonard Durso and commented:
    another translation from the Chinese by Mary Tang on her blog Life is But This

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