“Orchids by the Sea” @Dee Why RSL Club

My friend Janet drove me to the Northern Beaches today to see yet another orchid show.  I’d imagined a backdrop of the ocean but no, the exhibition was inside one of the events room where they usually stage cabarets.  At least there were no poker machines in sight, not that I was not mindful of the people in there gambling their livelihood, if not their lives, away.

First things first; I had brought with me a sick orchid for diagnosis and advice.   The gentleman who took a look at it suggested surgical removal of a spot (possibly fungal) on the leaf and gave me some general advice regarding its care.


Surgery required on the leaf at left.  The flower is yet to open fully.

There were some good looking paphiopedilums at the exhibition but truth to tell, I think mine compares well even if the judges won’t agree :)

Janet was determined to blend in with the orchids:




My favourite at the show, the cascade of dockrillias


But this was the grand champion

Next to the grand champion is this fabulous Dockrillia but the colour was nigh impossible to photograph well:


Others that took my eye at the show:





Yes there were orchids on sale and no I didn’t go home empty handed:)



My latest acquisition: a Dendrochilum wenzellii

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An urban orchardist everyday, a volunteer regularly, a poet sometimes and a blogger since March 2015. I travel when I can. Food is a constant.
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10 Responses to “Orchids by the Sea” @Dee Why RSL Club

  1. I am just continually staggered by the variety — I’d never have imagined that Dendrochilum wenzellii was an orchid! I love the epiphytes best of all.

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  2. I’m sure your specimens would hold up well in competition :)

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  3. 123degrees says:

    beautiful morning surrounded by all things lovely including Mary x

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  4. I had no idea that I would have found this interesting, but now I am going to have to find an orchid show like this to go to. What madness is this?!?

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  5. arlingwoman says:

    I liked you orchid very much. It retains the look of a wild thing. I also really like the grand champion. Wow. I may have to get orchids at some point, but then again…

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