Sunday with Jared & Revisiting The Calyx

My friend Samantha has kindly volunteered her thirteen year old son to come and help me in the garden every Sunday morning.  Jared is much taller than me and more dexterous so I try to exploit these advantages.   He is becoming skilful with the pruners and did a great job bossing my overgrown trees into shape.  Whenever my crippled hand find a task too difficult to manage, I think of him.

So it was that I ran out of room for hanging plants and needed a solution.  I thought of adding hooks to the bottom of the hanging baskets and thus creating a second tier of hanging space.  One type of basket had open weaves so Jared secured hooks onto the bottom and for the ones with the solid bottom he drilled holes in them and looped the wire through.   Bravo, Jared!


After helping me Jared had to play in his school’s concert band at the Sydney Conservatorium so I decided to go and watch him play.  Bravo again, Jared!


Jared plays the clarinet; he’s fourth on the right from the conductor.

I had to walk through the Botanic Gardens on the way to the Conservatorium so I went into the Calyx to see if the shadows are less disturbing with the sun overhead.  Alas it seems that no matter when you visit this display, the shadows will fall on the wall.  However there’s been replanting since I last visited so I took more pictures.




In its last week the ‘flowers’ on the wall are fading


Tables were set for high tea but no customers

After all that contrivance at the Calyx it was a relieve to walk through the botanic gardens to see trees growing in the open.



About Mary Tang

An urban orchardist everyday, a volunteer regularly, a poet sometimes and a blogger since March 2015. I travel when I can. Food is a constant.
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  1. I’m pleased you have Jared. It makes sense to use the shadows as you have

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