Here Comes the Sun

We are yearning for spring here Down Under so when I saw the colours in the heart of a sunflower on Arlingwoman’s  blog about the heat that they’ve been enjoying, I was inspired to create my own with scrap yarn and a crochet hook.


It’s beginning to look like summer :)

What does one do with a wooly sunflower?  Wear it as a beret?  It’s too big for a brooch and too small for a bag so I made a big market bag and decorated it with the sunflower, leaving an opening to stash some cash and keys:





About Mary Tang

An urban orchardist everyday, a volunteer regularly, a poet sometimes and a blogger since March 2015. I travel when I can. Food is a constant.
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16 Responses to Here Comes the Sun

  1. Oh that is gorgeous! :)


  2. angela1313 says:

    I’d love a bag like that but would probably like it too much to risk damage by using it. A half dozen like that on some wire stems would look great in my big Korean vase. The sunflowers would go with the grey green color of the vase and be a nice alternativer to shedding dried arrangements,

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    • Mary Tang says:

      I love Korean celadon; I have a little one. These days they make realistic looking silk flowers; a crocheted one may be to floppy to stand up and in any case they are not quite three dimensional… unless you join two together and put stuffing in the middle – anything is possible! You would need some stout stems to hold them up; they will be heavy. :)


  3. taphian says:

    wonderful sun flower, Mary

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  4. Beautiful textures and colours, Mary – I see Lisa has said the same thing, so it must be true :)

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  5. Wow I totally love this bag…soooo pretty!!! 🌞

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  6. Sunshine Jansen says:

    Wow, you are way ahead of me in the textile arts — this may finally persuade me to learn to crochet though! And thank you for putting another Beatles song in my head; I like this one much better than the other one, don’t you? :) A very happy belated birthday to you!

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  7. arlingwoman says:

    Mary, it’s fabulous. You really caught the colors and texture. And boy are you fast! I bet people will be asking you about that bag when you use it.

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