Session 10: Chinese Calligraphy for Beginners

MOSAIC, the organisation that hosts my Chinese calligraphy course, has invited submissions from all their creative art and craft classes to exhibit students’ work at a exhibition to be mounted in September.

The last time one of my classes exhibited their work was in 2013.  It was a good hang though the works were all reproductions that were reduced (from A3 to A4) to fit the exhibition space.


My students’ exhibition from 2013.  It was a composite class and students range from those with three to twenty sessions of tuition.

This time I have requested and was promised adequate space for students to display their original work in A3 frames.  I proposed the project to my students last week and they have all committed to producing one piece of calligraphy each for the exhibition.

My students have been working on a 28-word poem.  So far only two out of ten of them have achieved anything near presentable and those were outside of the A3 restrictions, so all students will have to design new projects for this exhibition.  Due by 6 September.

All works must fit into an A3 frame, written in standard script in the Ou style with the theme of “Spring”.


It’s a shame that these students’ efforts will not be displayed.  However, one of them has accepted the challenge of writing one of the words in the poem in A3 format.  See below.



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7 Responses to Session 10: Chinese Calligraphy for Beginners

  1. taphian says:

    wonderful pieces. It is such a very aesthetic art, Mary

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  2. Maemi says:

    It sounds great! The students’ and teacher’s efforts and dedication will be seen through the artworks displayed. I’m so pleased to hear of this <3 Hope everything goes well, Ms Tang.

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  3. angela1313 says:

    I wish you and all your students the very best in this effort, Good calligraphy requires much practice. The best I can say about mine is the Chinee herb shops can read my listsand I get the right ingredients.

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