Session 7: Chinese Calligraphy for Beginners

Sometimes I write about a session after the event but most times I write about it before the day as a check list for myself; a sort of planner.  Nothing ever goes exactly to plan, of course; mostly because of time constrains.

We have to wait for another class to vacate the room before we can set up.  That takes time,  what with fetching water and hanging up homework for critique.  The 90 minutes go by too soon, always leaving words unsaid and questions hanging.  C’est la vie.

Session 7 will be the last lesson for some, as the 8th and last session will be an activity: the backing of art work.  Some of the students will return next term and others will move on to wherever their lives and interests take them.

I planned a test to check (and let them see) their progress and to prepare a piece for backing.  Each student will be asked to choose one character that they would like to write from memory.  Time will be allowed for study but I will suggest that they should know their strengths and choose a character that they can manage to write well.  Some may choose to use the session to work on a character that they found challenging.  They have a week to perfect their projects and bring them to class for backing in Session 8.  The test should help them gauge their chances of success.



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One Response to Session 7: Chinese Calligraphy for Beginners

  1. Sunshine Jansen says:

    I remember a test for my class long ago was to write 鳳 which represents a lot of the strokes; I like the idea of having them show their strengths much better.

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