First Fig of the Season

I spotted a fig ripening on the one of the trees yesterday.  I fetched a ladder.

A few days ago Office Works delivered this three-step ladder that I’d ordered for just this purpose–to reach the top of the Black Genoa.  I had decided that three steps were high enough to fall in case of an accident and I will keep my trees within reach of me plus one metre.  They were perfect: wide steps that support my feet planted firmly on them and I felt as if I was standing on the ground.


On the top step of my ladder I covered the figs on the high branches that I was unable to reach before, and waited.

What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday the fig was showing stripes of colour, today it’s purple. This morning it was ready to fall into my hand at the slightest tug.  That’s the surest way to know that a fig is ready to eat.  Other signs include its droopping under its own weight and nectar oozing from its base.  Sometimes the skin starts to split.



About Mary Tang

An urban orchardist everyday, a volunteer regularly, a poet sometimes and a blogger since March 2015. I travel when I can. Food is a constant.
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14 Responses to First Fig of the Season

  1. wfdec says:

    My figs are only the size of an olive. I do hope I haven’t missed this year – it has been a really dry season.

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  2. arlingwoman says:

    That is a beautiful and good sized fig! Looks delicious. Tell me, do you have to be careful not to brush against the fig leaves when tending the trees? Certain varieties create skin irritation.

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  3. taphian says:

    hmmm, I can imagine how yummy it was, I love fresh figs

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  4. Laurie Graves says:

    Oh, lovely! As I’m sure you can guess, figs don’t grow in Maine ;)

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  5. I know – nanananana

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  6. robert okaji says:

    Happiness, indeed. Beautiful fig, Mary.

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  7. angela1313 says:

    Yuuum, nothing better than a fresh, ripe fig. One of the things I miss about California, lots of fig trees.

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