At Circular Quay, Sydney

Sydney’s put on an outdoor wine festival today; it was popular with the tourists disgorged from the latest cruise ship.  Yes, yet another cruise ship.  Sigh.  I felt sorry for them; it was a cloudy and ‘cold’ day (21ºC maximum).


It happens that my favourite cinema, the Dendy is right at quay side so I had to snap a few pics from the ferry and along the shore.  Today I went in to see NTL’s Hamlet.  I think everyone’s said everything about it so I would just say that it was an arresting performance.  The cinema was packed but I’d booked my seat months ahead.  As people were filing in they advertised snacks on the screen.  I brought in a glass of wine :)  They have special holders at the side of the seats for your drinks.  It was civilised while outside the tourists were making the most of it on the lawn of the Museum of Modern Arts.

IMG_2056 IMG_2057

IMG_2072 IMG_2070 IMG_2080  IMG_2079

After the movie I missed the ferry back to Neutral Bay.  There’s only one per hour on a Sunday so I ferried to Cremorne Point where I took the last photograph of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House before boarding the bus home.


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An urban orchardist everyday, a volunteer regularly, a poet sometimes and a blogger since March 2015. I travel when I can. Food is a constant.
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  1. Oh, lovely Benedict :) The cruise ships seem to be a common sight there now. Great photos. :)

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