To London Road

I can’t go into town without crossing Sydney Harbour; riding a bus on the Harbour Bridge and seeing the Sydney Opera House.  Yesterday the view of the harbour was obscured and our national icons dwarfed by a floating hotel, the Diamond Princess.


I was on my way to the Dendy Cinema at the Opera Quay to see London Road, a dramatic narrative of the true story of five murders that affected the reputation and morale of a neighbourhood.  The dialogue was sung in operatic recitatives and choruses in the exact words of the people interviewed while the crimes were discovered, the culprit was caught and the locals were dealing with the aftermath.

The film is excellent in every way.  The dialogues were seamlessly sewn, the music heightened yet relieved the dramatic tension, the actors played the everyday people so closely from tone of voice to expression of face, the precision of the choruses… I don’t want to gush but it was exciting and rare to see such an inspired work.

Afterwards, my friend A and I both felt fortunate to have seen this work.  As A said in her email to me this morning:

Enjoyed strange film yesterday!  such an original idea, so clever …wish there was more stuff like that!

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9 Responses to To London Road

  1. Laurie Graves says:

    I’ll be looking for “London Road,” too. Not too far from where we live, we have a cinema that shows films such as “London Road.” And, the things we learn from reading blogs. Today is the first time I have come across the word “chuffed” ;)

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  2. I’ll look out for the film. That is in fact a great shot of your national icons

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  3. I agree. Despite the grizly theme and dreary sets of suburban London, the director managed to use dialogue, pace and tension to create an elegant and intelligent film

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  4. arlingwoman says:

    It must be satisfying to see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge so regularly. I remember one time bicycling across Memorial Bridge from Arlington Cemetery and seeing someone leaning out of a van taking a picture, as we all do when we are tourists. And I looked at the river and the monuments and thought, “I get to see this all the time,” and it was so pleasing! I imagine that’s how you feel about the harbour.

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