My worms love paperbacks

I tore up a book and gave it to my worms.   I didn’t want to impose it on the op-shop.  Worms are blind so they didn’t mind.IMG_0510

Since paper is made of organic material,  composting worms love paper and cardboard.  I dampen the pages and use them as a blanket for my worms.  They eat the paper and breed between the layers so it’s a good way of disposing waste paper.  Mind, they don’t like glossy magazines or coated cardboard.  Nothing smooth and shinny.  Worms are humble and down to earth.


I don’t trust the manufactured worm farm ‘blankets’ they sell in the shops.  They must be synthetic and full of chemicals if the worms won’t eat them.

About Mary Tang

An urban orchardist everyday, a volunteer regularly, a poet sometimes and a blogger since March 2015. I travel when I can. Food is a constant.
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10 Responses to My worms love paperbacks

  1. Cynthia says:

    Lol. Didn’t know they even sold worm blankets. Good looking worms!

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  2. Our plumber in Newark used to collect worms from our compost for fishing bait.

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  3. I got my worms one of those blankets…and they ate it lol :/

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  4. mattb325 says:

    Ha-ha! Gives new meaning to the term ‘bookworm’ :-)

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