G for Guava

The day time temperatures have been unusually warm though one does not know what normal should be anymore.  Yesterday’s maximum went up to 29ºC (28ºC is 82ºF) and we’re off daylight saving time already.  Autumn morphed back into Summer and confused my deciduous trees into sprouting new leaves.  The bugs hatched their young.

The guavas all wants to ripen at once; I love guavas but I wish they’d stagger their readiness like the figs.  I don’t want a glut; I want to eat every single one.

Part of the joy of having excess produce is of course being able to share.  Everyone appreciates receiving fresh produce, though some expects it after a time.  Some generously offers to harvest: don’t you worry; we’ll get them ourselves.  Others call you a liar:  you couldn’t have eaten them all by yourself. 

I have several varieties of guavas so I am eating them over weeks.  First the Yellow cherry guava, then the Strawberry guava, Hawaiian, China Pear, Maxican Cream and China White.  I grow in containers so I can actually eat them all by myself. This is a miniature urban orchard.

The thing I love best about guavas is the fragrance.  I just want to breathe them in; eating is secondary.  Anything that makes you want to breathe long and slow is something special.

About Mary Tang

An urban orchardist everyday, a volunteer regularly, a poet sometimes and a blogger since March 2015. I travel when I can. Food is a constant.
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3 Responses to G for Guava

  1. mattb325 says:

    Amazing that people could disbelieve you when you say you eat all of your own produce. I guess they’ve never grown their own food before and worked out the myriad ways of dealing with the excesses – baking, preserving, eating!

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  2. I’ve rarely eaten guavas because we don’t have them here, but I agree about the fragrance

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