Bamboo Chamber by Wang Wei (699 – 761)


Sitting alone in a bamboo grove

I whistle the tune I am playing

No one knows I’m in this forest

Only the moon bears witness


Translated by Mary Tang 鄧許文蘭

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Expiring in 21 days

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 1.42.28 AM

My premium account  with WordPress expires in 21 days.  I thank WordPress for providing a platform for my writing and a means of sharing my love of gardening.  My original account was free but there was the potential of having advertisements placed on my blog so I paid the price of avoiding that.  I think that’s fair.

However, I have noticed that advertisements for other blogs are now appearing on my posts.  These are not posts that I’d read so I cannot assure my readers of their merit.  I refuse to read them because they were thus imposed on me.

Recently I had problems with messages appearing on my page as I tried to write.  I have already written about that and it is still happening. I have taken screen shots of these disruptions that happens continuously while I am typing.  They will only go away if I click ‘allow’ but comes back later asking for more disk space.  It has done so about fifty times since I started writing this post because I always click ‘Don’t Allow’ now.  Another reason for my discontent.

I have taken screen shots of these disruptions and they are appearing as I write:

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 12.25.50 AM.png

My first impulse was to quit.  However, I examined my reasons for blogging and they still hold so I will write off site and import the content to minimise the disruptions.  It would not be the same as writing ‘live’ but life is like that. It would be too tedious to post photographs.

I will also be making the site private to discourage advertisements – surely then it would not be worth their while?  This also means that I will have very few ‘hits’ but again, such is life.  I am philosophical.


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Must Leave WordPress

I have been bombarded with this sort of messages from WordPress – pop-ups that won’t go away and won’t allow me to write anything while they are on my screen.

I must quit if this does not stop.  My contract runs out in three weeks anyway.  Three years writing this blog has been rewarding but not worth the constant irritation that these messages have  forced upon me.

Allowing them the space does not stop them; they just ask for more and more:  first 5MB then 10MB and now 50MB.

I had a chat with Support who suggested I try turning on Flash.  I don’t really see how that would help but guess we’ll see.  So if I disappear one day you will know the reason.

P.S:  it didn’t work – I got another message immediately after trying the suggested solution

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 12.40.38 AM

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