Palace Song by Li Shang Yin (813 – 858)


Like the river my Lord’s favour has defected eastward

My fear of losing his love is now replaced by sorrow

No more do I strum for him the strains of ‘Flowers Fall’

Here in the Palace’s west only the cold wind blows


Translated by Mary Tang 鄧許文蘭


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Remembering Stonehenge, London and thereabouts with my Sony Cyber-shot

In response to Derrick Knight‘s post I dug up some photos I sent to friends by email while I was in London for a month in August/September 2013.  All my photos are locked up in an old computer and these are all that I can find of those days.

I was staying in an apartment on Dukes Road WC1.

It was a hot summer and children were jumping into the pond at the Victoria and Albert:


Fossils of sea animals and birds’ eggs at the Natural History Museum next door to V&A

I took day trips with London Walks to Stonehenge, the Cotswold and Salisbury:




Near Salisbury Cathedral



The Cotswold

Here I was in Bath:




Back in London:



All I can remember about this building is that the metal pipes are filled with water – Derrick?


This is my favourite find in London – a love letter?

All these photos were taken with the Sony Cyber-shot, a little point-and-shoot job.  It has been replaced by the iPhone.

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White Flowers in my Garden

I am attracted to white flowers.  I don’t get full sun anywhere on my garden and white stands out so well in the shade of my jacaranda tree.  Click any image to see a slideshow of the full gallery of photographs.

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